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      Why Originals?

      Those walls are blank, and look like they’re closing in on you.

      Your walls are flat, and don’t give you that open “homey” feeling you were going for.

      Everything is neutral: your couch, your rugs, and your wall colour (can you say ‘Cloud White’?).

      You need to buy some art!

      Okay, so you can buy the prints, the limited editions and all that jazz, but for a moment please consider these reasons why buying an original piece of art is something that you should do. Today. Like now.

      1. Owning original artwork has a positive effect on the environments of people who own it, which inevitably makes life more enriching.

      Enough said. Happy walls make happy people. Even if your art choices are on the “darker side,” your visual enjoyment of it will make you happy and ultimately enrich your life.

      2. Owning original artwork is more than just decoration; it inspires us to look at the world in a different way. We always stress not to match, or worry about the d├ęcor. Just buy what you like and it will inspire.

      3. Buying art supports artists directly, allowing them to continue with their creative process, which in turn continues to improve the quality of life for all of us.

      Let’s face it, an “art-less” world is not where I’d want to live. Support your local artists.

      4. Art is an environmentally-friendly form of enjoyment. It is easy to maintain and energy efficient.

      Okay so it sounds pretty silly, but it’s true. Think of anything that you may do for daily enjoyment and then think of how it affects the environment. Looking at art on your wall has a zero-carbon footprint!

      5. Original artwork intrinsically feels handmade, unlike reproductions and mass-produced work.

      Buying original work will always make you happier than buying a slick print. Handmade anything beats mass-produced any day.

      6. Your art choices and curating your own art collection is a means of personal expression and this reflects your individual personality. Some people express themselves through what they wear or what they say, while others collect interesting things that say just as much about themselves. Have fun with it. Nobody’s judging.

      7. Buy original artwork for its uniqueness. Owning something that’s all yours is an exciting thing.

      While some people want only what others have, it’s always more interesting to have what others don’t.

      8. Though investment purposes shouldn’t be the main incentive for buying original art, it doesn’t hurt that a piece you bought ten years ago has doubled in value. Always a fun bonus in the art of art collecting!

      9. If you think about it, art in your home or office can really humanize the space you’re in. Art will give it character and warmth, transforming any room into a livable environment.

      10. Art can inspire thought and questions in adults and children alike, engaging the viewer to think and learn about the subject matter. It can kick start a worthwhile dialogue between anyone enjoying it.

      All of the above should give you some cause for thought when considering introducing original art into your life. This summer, make sure you explore the world of art if you haven’t started already, because any way you look at it, art is good for you!

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