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      Let Me Hang With You

      The taste for art is as personal as the taste for wine and it is nearly impossible to appeal to everybody, which is why it is crucial to create a harmony between house and art and to assemble an art collection instead of trying to decorate.



      If you live in the Midwest, we offer a complimentary “home show”, meaning we will deliver any work on approval to your home so you can see it in person. If you don’t live locally, we can use the “Virtual Home Show”, which enables us to superimpose any work you are considering onto an image of your space, to provide you with a virtual preview. We ship on approval anywhere in the US, and a “Virtual Home Show” will help you during the decision making process.

      If you are an interior designer and you are looking for ideas for a client, you are welcome to send us images by email and we will send you our suggestions.

      If you would like to try a “Virtual Home Show”, please contact us by email or phone before you take or submit any pictures.

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